1. How are your paintings made? 

All the paintings are reproduced and handmade on canvas by our artists. 

2. What are sizes of paintings?  

8"x10" 12"x16" 16"x20" 20"x24" 24"x36" 24"x48" 30"x40" 36"x48" 40"x60" and other available size you need.

 3. What happens if I am not satisfied? 

We are confident in the quality we are delivering. If you are not satisfied - you have a 14 day return

 warranty. In order to make sure that our painting is just what you require? The painting will only be

started when all questions and information are clarified of the paintings.

4. Can I have my painting framed? 

We will stretch your painting on a wooden brace for only little additional cost. In addition, we offer a


large selection of decorative frames for you to choose, we are here to help you choose the right frame


for your painting.

5.How long does it take to finish my painting? 

This depends on the size of your painting and our current order situation. Generally it will take from 1~6

weeks. Of course, the most key factor is the quantity you ordered. 


6.How can you offer your paintings at so low price? 

There’s no third party or middle-man involved in our business. We do not purchase paintings from a third

source. All reproduction services are provided by our own artists. That's why we can offer incredible


services to you.

7.How is the paintings shipped? 


We supply several Conveyance ways, including Air, Sea and Express.


8.How is the package?


1)  Rolled in hard paper tubes.


Our hard paper tubes are very solid and have both thick and thin type. Paintings will be firstly packed with


a thin plastic layer between each other professionally, and then rolled in the paper tubes. Such kind

of package is recommended for shipping 1~30 unframed oil paintings.

2)  Package for big bundles of paintings


If you order for more than 30 unframed paintings, we would package them in the following way:

paintings will be firstly packed with a thin plastic layer between each other professionally. Then all rolled

firmly in plastic cloth, finally rolled and bound with canvas.

3)  Package in hard paper boxes

Such kind of package way is specially designed for the mounted and framed oil paintings. If you only

want to order few paintings, we don’t really recommend you to frame your paintings, as it might cause

expensive shipping fee and might damage your paintings, However, those paintings with sizes below

20″×  24″are safe to be shipped with frames on.

Note: According to the regulations of Shipping Service Company, the shipping fee will be counted based

on the bulk of the painting if the paintings actual weight is less than its bulk weight which is calculated

in the following way:


Bulk Weight (kg)=Length(cm) × Width(cm) × Height(cm) / 6000

4)  Package in wooden boxes

This package way is recommended for framed paintings with big sizes, sculptures, and other artworks

If you would like to know more issues, please feel free to contact us. Customer Services